Seger Experience consists of Drums, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, 2-guitarists, Sax, a huge wall of backing vocals and the amazing Dan Styer as Bob Seger. These professional musicians have shared the stage with many household names. They are recording artists. They have traveled North America in support of signed artists. The Seger Experience pays impeccable attention to detail and delievers the same outstanding energy of Segers live concerts that you know and love. Ultimately, they are fun, personable entertainers, and obviously love what they do. The Seger Experience is proud to represent the legacy of Bob Seger.

The Band

Bob - Dan Styer


Keys - Michael Tuscon


Bass - Dave Stevenson


Drums - Troy Clemons

Sax - J.R. Mahan


Percussion/vocals - Barbara Clark


Guitar - Fred Walker


Vocals - Jill McDonald