The incomparable Shaun Murphy who sang with Bob Seger for 35years:

Your lead singer sounds very good and that's quite a feat to sing in the original keys! 

Boca Black Box:

Great show, Great mix! We can't wait to see you again!

Carol Niles Workley:

Definitely a great show - can't wait to see them all again!!

Terry Brooks:

Great Show. Full house.

Christina Turner Wunderle

It was a blast! We really enjoyed listening to your band!

Joe Silvernail:

You guys were awesome! I was blown away. You guys were freaking really really good!

Gary Casteel: 

Great show tonight in Dublin, Ga. !  A+

Lorraine Neal:

Saw this group at the Gill Dawg and WOW they are the real deal! Great music and great energy! Can't wait to see them again!

Caryn Oney VanCurrine:

Fantastic and energetic performers! We were transported to a perfect Seger Experience! Can's wait to see ya'll again!

Joy Moffat - Radiostpete.com

I was one of the hundreds of people who slogged through pouring rain and mud to hear the premier performance of The Seger Experience at Gill Dawg in New Port Richey, Florida. I wondered if the trip was worth it. My doubts were put to rest with the first chord. The energy coming off the stage was electric! The crowd came alive with excitement. Hit after Seger hit brought us through the decades. The band didn't just capture the feel but every detail, from backup vocals to sax solos. I'm 100% sold on this group. They can count on me to brave any elements to follow The Seger Experience!

Nancy Laullen:

This group is A-MAZING! A collection of talent that 100% does justice to their namesake. They recreate to great sound you've heard before omly from the real deal. Make the trip

Sal Palermo:

We  were at your show the other night. The Best tribute band we have ever heard

Gaby Brown:

Great band!!!! Awesome concert! Will go to see them again!

D S Moon:

Seen 'em in Florida, great music and worth the watch!

Kathy Ray:

I saw another Seger tribute band a couple of weeks ago in Detroit. Not even close toSeger Experience. You guys rock!!

P & M's Dreamland lighting:

We proudly welcome Seger Experience to our ever growing family of tribute bands the we're honored to light up the night for! Last night's show, at Gill Dawg, was our first time ever seeing them and it was amazing to hear so many songs that were huge hits for Bob Seger over the years and done so well. A true must see band if you love the music of Bob Seger because THEY NAIL IT!!!

Betty Jo Douglas Lambert

I saw you guys on New Years Eve. You guys are awesome! A friend of mine told us about you and we  were there and had an awesome time!